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Tree Bear Camp is a hunting, fishing, snowmobile, ATV and general outdoor adventure destination located on the shores of West Shining Tree Lake in Shining Tree, Ontario, Canada.  With 15 acres and 1,100 feet of shoreline, beach and boat launch, there is plenty of space for our guests and their activities.  Add to this the thousands of square miles of crown land which surround us and the options become endless.

We are a 'drive to' destination, easily accessible using any vehicle in any season. 

Hunting and fishing are the primary reasons that guests visit the Shining Tree area.  Many combine these pursuits with other land and water adventures.  On land ATV's, dirt bikes and other off road vehicles are fun in themselves but really excel by opening up new trails and destinations.   On water, small boats with outboard motors, canoes, kayaks and paddle boards do the same.  There are dozens of lakes and rivers readily accessible from our docks and hundreds more are within a short drive from the camp.

Tree Bear Camp, bear hunting, moose

shore lunch

Tree Bear Camp, bear hunting, moose

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another pike

walleye for dinner

blue sky pike

fun bass fishing

river walleye

happy walleye fisherwoman

a good day

atv to scenic destinations

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Deschenes Lake Tourist Camp

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