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Stop in for a mid-day rest with hot beverages & lunch available. 

Our warm cabins and brand new motel rooms will provide some of the best accommodation in the north.  

The Bear's Den is a place to watch the hockey game, videos or a movie while relaxing. 

A wood sauna is available for our overnight guests.

Snowmobiling is back to Shining Tree.  Check us out on the OFSC interactive trail map!

We are located on the C-Trail between Timmins and Sudbury.


$150 per person includes single bed accommodation, dinner and breakfast.


Our breakfast menu is a typical yet hearty; eggs, bacon, 

home fries, toast and coffee or tea.

A lunch menu is available for day tripper's.  Items include burgers, sausage, soup, chili etc.

A dinner menu for overnight guests will provide a hearty meal special each night

or anything from the regular menu. 


GAS is available in Shining Tree.  Remember to fill up every time you get a chance for safety.

We do not have a liquor license but overnight guests can arrange for beer or spirits

to be available for their stay from our local LCBO outlet. 

A heated shop can be rented along with some tools for those in need of repair. 

Emergency gas, oil or other services may be available at our camp, can't hurt to ask.

Tree Bear Camp, bear hunting, moose
Tree Bear Camp, bear hunting, moose
Tree Bear Camp, bear hunting, moose
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