Two new 4 bed cabins and two new 7 bed cabins are available for our guests along with the two 4 bed cabins saved from the previous camp.  All cabins are equipped with a 3 piece bath including a shower, full kitchen and a bbq on the deck with a view of the lake.   Our new cabins are especially well insulated and designed to be cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Existing cabins

Cabin 1 - 4 bed

Cabin 2 - 4 bed

New cabins

Cabin 3  -  Miner   -  4 beds +

Cabin 4  -  Outfitter  -  7 beds +

Cabin 5  -  Logger  -  7 beds +

Cabin 6  - Trapper  -  4 beds +

Our multi use shop will help to service the camp and guests. To borrow a name from the past, we are calling it the BEARS DEN.  There will be an area for people to meet,  sit down, warm up, get ready, have a snack or check the wifi.  If you get stuck or need to fix something then shop and tool rentals or loaners can be made available.  

We welcome workers needing a place to stay in the area.  The cabins are equipped to prepare meals and are spacious enough for longer stays with additional freezer and refrigeration available.   We have plenty of parking on site for straight work vehicles and, by arrangement, equipment, helicopter etc. 

Plans for the near future include a new main lodge, single room/single night accommodation, outside recreation facilities, picnic tables, gazebo's, fire pits, fish cleaning house and docks.



old cabin, kitchen & living area

lake view
old cabin fireplace

propane fireplace provides heat

aerial view of camp
aerial view of cabins
New cabins exterior
New cabin kitchen
New 4 bed cabin
New 4 bed cabin
New cabin bath
New cabin shower
New cabin beds
New cabin bedrooms